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Colorado Brides and Colorado Babies is a guide to life’s biggest adventures: getting married and starting a family in Colorado. Because of the beautiful setting, the family-friendly neighborhoods, the population of young professionals and the school districts, Colorado’s Front Range has become a mecca for young families.

A Magazine for the Adventurous Colorado Woman

Colorado Brides Magazine offers articles, tips and resources for planning your Colorado wedding, including a huge directory of local service providers. Read reviews on your favorite vendors, and get suggestions from other brides.

A Magazine for the Adventurous Colorado Parent

Colorado Babies Magazine, has everything you need for becoming a parent: articles, tips, and resources, including a huge directory of local service providers. Read reviews on your favorite shops or docs, and get suggestions from other new parents.

The Front Range’s largest Bridal and Family publication.
Here's what's in store in the upcoming issue:

Wedding Receptions

We’ve all been to a few wedding receptions, so we all know we like to see at them, right? What makes a Best Man’s speech funny, and what is “too far?” What songs should definitely not be played (CofChickenDanceCof)? We’ll be speaking to some of the region’s most popular wedding DJs and bands, and we’ll be asking our readers about some of the more cringe-worthy speeches that they’ve heard. Do we all need a Master of Ceremonies? Are open bars essential? How much time really needs to be spent folding napkins and putting together favors? Disposable cameras on each table – yay or nay?

Honeymoons & Parties

As always, we’ll be exploring some of the best honeymoon locations, both close to home and further afield, taking budgets and work vacation time into account. We’ll be asking our readers, are you planning to honeymoon in or out of the country, and in or out of the state? We’ll offer advice on what you really need to take with you, and how you should plan to recover from the honeymoon itself. We’ll also take a look at the area’s best spots for a bachelor and bachelorette party, and look at clever themes that stretch beyond tying a plastic ball and chain to the groom’s leg.

Cake Wars

To some, the wedding cake is one of the most important parts of the day, and the days of the dry fruit cake are long gone. Now the options are endless, and we’ll do you a favor by dipping into all of them. You’re welcome. We’ll also be taking a look at oddball alternatives to the bride and groom figures for the top of the cakes. Rubber ducks to smurfs, Hot Wheels cars to Star Wars figures – all have been tried and tested, and some of them even look good. Finally, how much cream cheese frosting is too much when smearing it on your new life-partner's face?

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When to Snip It

A vasectomy is one of the biggest decisions a man can make, and yet the male population is constantly told that it’s “no big deal” and “it doesn’t hurt,” neither of which are entirely true. Sure, the surgery is far less invasive than the female equivalent and technically it can be reversed, but still, it’s no walk in the park. Our editor will detail his experience, and we’ll ask the question, when is the right time? What can go wrong, and what are the benefits?

A Technological World

Let’s be honest, we all use technology to keep our children quiet from time to time. People tell us it’s wrong with a self-righteous tone, but all parents need some quiet time to best be prepared to give them our full attention all day long. But how much stimulation is too much? What are the best games and apps for learning and development? We’ll present a concise, guilt-free guide to offering your child some technology-based learning while we allow ourselves a brief reprieve.

Birthing Trends

As women prepare to become new mothers, there are far more birthing options out there nowadays than the classic “natural or Caesarian” choice. Even the formerly-controversial water birth now seems old hat. Squatting is one of the latest trends, but there are many more. We’ll explore birthing techniques that are considered the “latest thing,” and detail the benefits and down-sides.

Musical Children

Children’s music has traditionally been horribly irritating for adults. Simplistic melodies and grating voices delights the little ones, but lets be fair, parents have to listen to it for hours on end too. Thankfully, there’s a current trend where musicians make music both children and adults can enjoy. Entire record labels are and some of them even look good. Finally, how much cream dedicated to offering our kids happy, clappy tunes while saving the sanity of parents, we’ll take a look at some excellent examples.